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MagnaPower Magnetic Sortation Systems
32225 - 30x52 RE Drum Magnet Separator

Magnapower Rare Earth Drum: Irony Aluminum Application

Magnapower Eddy Current: Aluminum Dross Application
Magnapower Frag Drum Separator

Steel Shred Clean-Up
Magnapower at IL plastics processor

Magnapower Eddy Sorter: Post-Consumer Plastics
Magnapower PMDS Rare Earth Drum.

Magnapower Perm Mag Drum: "Dirty" Aluminum Application

Case Studies

Case Study: ASR Sorting

When an Iowa auto-shredder wanted to replace its Eriez eddy current Magnapower (UK) was selected as its replacement. "We couldn't be happier" says the Company's owner. The Magnapower ECS excels at recovering smaller fractions of aluminum for this customer. "We love it" says another employee who goes on to remark, "and it's cheaper than the competition."

Case Study: Aluminum dross Recycling

When an aluminum dross recycler in Mexico approached Alan Ross Machinery to assist in sorting aluminum from non-aluminum materials, a Magnapower (UK) eddy current was selected for the task. "It works perfect with small pieces," states the processor's CEO. The unit selected was Magnapower's 36" ECS, featuring a uniquely designed eccentric rotor that greatly reduces field loss as compared to many other ECS's on the market.

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