Sweed - Machinery

SWEED Machinery for Non-Ferrous Metals Processing

Alan Ross Machinery Corporation is an authorized, stocking dealer of SWEED recycling machinery. Preferred pricing and inventory for Alan Ross Machinery customers.

Sweed's Wire & Cable Separation System ft. Sweed's Mega Shredder from Alan Ross Machinery.

Wire Chopping Separation System With Turbo Mill

SWEED's Wire Chopping Separation Systems With Turbo Mills are state of the art design to help you process large volumes of scrap wire and cable, yielding high purity copper.
Modular Separation Systems

SWEED's Prechopper is a single-shaft shredder providing rapid reduction of Fe and non-ferrous materials. A closed rotor design with ram-assist allows bulk feeding without overloading the machine.
Hydraulic Alligator Shears

SWEED's Hydraulic Alligator Shears series are the solution for customers in-need of a larger cutting capacity in a compact package. Built to operate in extreme weather conditions without overheating.