Thor Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal Hammermills

Thor Ferrous &


Metal Hammermills
No foundation. Stand-alone equipment. Fully mobile or stationary. Tier IV diesel or electric power. High density scrap output, true hammermill shredding and full factory support. Models from 500HP to 4000HP available. European engineering and truly heavy-duty construction for a long and effective service life, and ease of maintenance.

ZB Thor 1521K, 2121K & 1721K

High density scrap output up to 30 tons per hour, Mobile. Complete downstream solutions available.

ZB Thor 1616K

High density scrap output from your existing low density primary shredder. Ideal for feedstock from Hammel, Primax and similar pre-shredders.


Units in operation throughout the United States and abroad. Inspections available.