84" New Skid Steer Side Dump Bucket

84" New Skid Steer Side Dump Bucket

Approximately Volume 1.1yds^3
3/4" Cutting Edge

Based off Factory Information

"We manufacture our buckets with 1/4" press formed steel, 3"X4" gusseted saddles and 1/2" X 1 3/4" locking bracket. Heavy duty built, these buckets weigh from 750 to 1300 lbs. Our 3"X24" protected ram brings it to a safe industry maximum 60 degree dump angle. The cylinder hoses are 2 braid 16,000 psi burst rated. Heavy duty built: You can scoop into a pile of rock, seed, dirt and more. Also, this side dump bucket is excellent for filling curb machines, burms, blast holes and much more."

Other sizes available

Listing Quality: 
3 out of 3
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