30 x 30 Used Christy & Norris Pulverizer System

30 x 30 Used Christy & Norris Pulverizer System

Model 30x30
150 HP Motor

30x30 model.
System includes:
- In feed hopper and conveyor
- Platform
- Out feed belt complete with drum magnet, control panel with amp meters and variable speed drive on the belts.

Per Manufacturer's Literature:
Christy & Norris Heavy Duty Pulverizers are renowned for their ability to grind a wide variety of materials such as steel, swarf, limestone, ceramics, wood hogging and others.
Semi-Circular, interchangeable screens which determine maximum particle size of product are inserted through the top front doors and slide in the grooves cast in the sides of the pulverizer.

150-200 Amp Generator Set
150 HP Motor
110 Kw
2000 RPM

Listing Quality: 
3 out of 3