ZB Model THOR 1519 K Mobile Hammermill Shredder

ZB Model THOR 1519 K Mobile Hammermill Shredder

Listing Quality: 
3 out of 3
Fully Transportable Design
14 Hammers

Per Manufacture Literature:

Specifications are Approximate

THOR 1519 K Mobile Unit With Undercarriage System
- Stand-alone equipment
- Fully autonomous
- Only needs diesel to be added to operate
- Consists of the mobile shredder and integrated power unit
- Electric remote board to maneuver the unit
- Total Weight: 83 Tm (approximately)

Feeding System
- Tilting ramp or optional tilting metallic conveyor
- 55 inches width and 16 feet length (ramp)

Ramp And Feeding Rollers
- 20 inches diameter feeding roller with elevation system

- Diesel Engine 755 hp
- 59’’ entrance
- (14) hammers
- 4" x 4" grids (replaceable)
- For ease of maintenance operations, top section can be opened by two hydraulic cylinders activated from main board.
- Ejection gate for non-crushable materials
- Hydraulic hammer holder shaft extraction device included

Vibrating Feeder
- 39" width and 9.5 feet length

Main Conveyor
- Rubber belt
- 47" width and 23 feet length

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