Tuffman Used 8 Station Portable Sorting System

Tuffman Used 8 Station Portable Sorting System

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3 out of 3
Infeed Conveyor * 42" x 30' Long
8 Sort Stations * Age 2013

8 Man HD-P Portable Sorting System
42" wide x 32' Long 10 HP Picking Table
4 chutes on each side
10 HP Infeed Hopper and conveyor
Variable Speed Controls
8 Individual Ladders
Mounted on a Single Axle Trailer
Includes a 3/4 HP Crossbelt Magnet

System Capacities for Tuffman Sorting Station at 60-100 feet per minute belt speed:
220 to 365 cubic yards of material per hour.
21 to 35 tons per hour of mixed paper and cardboard.
56 to 94 tons per hour of municipal solid waste.
89 to 148 tons per hour of shredded mixed plastic.
107 to 178 tons per hour of construction and demolition debris.
148 to 247 tons per hour of electronic scrap.

Approx. Dim.: 8'W x 45'L x 13' T (Hight may be lower once connected to truck)

Approx Weight: 15,000lbs