Bunting Used FF Series Drawer Magnet

Bunting Used FF Series Drawer Magnet

11-gauge stainless steel housing
Two rows 1” diameter tubes maximize magnetic circuit

Approx 2 7/8" Input and output

Per Manufacturer's Literature:

FF Series Drawer Magnets for Superior Contaminant Capture in Gravity Free-Fall Applications
Remove medium to fine tramp metal contaminants from your gravity free-fall granular plastics with the plastic industry’s most popular – and most complete line of – drawer magnets. Staggered rows of temperature-compensated, high-intensity neodymium magnets instantly stop metal, purifying your product before it enters your expensive extrusion, injection or blow molding equipment with less chance of wipe-off. Yet, most powdered colorants and resins slide off without sticking.

Product Features:

Temperature-compensated, high intensity rare earth magnets for superior high temperature operation and exceptional surface-holding force
• Two rows 1” diameter tubes maximize magnetic circuit while allowing ample space for flow
• Rugged, 11-gauge stainless steel housing built to support symmetrical compression loads of 10,000 pounds
• Dust-tight welded housing for easy cleaning and durability
• Drawer gasket cut from ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) to resist heat aging and compression set, and offers much greater durability than sponge rubber
• Clear polycarbonate drawer front for easy viewing of product flow and captured contaminants
• High-torque nylon knobs resist breakage
• Superior cartridge geometry increases reach-out and holding power
• Available in 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” square

Listing Quality: 
3 out of 3
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