TGS64A Used Harris Shear Baler

TGS64A Used Harris Shear Baler

Listing Quality: 
3 out of 3
10 x 10 x 15 (Var) Bale Size * Shear Blades
130lb Approximate Bale Weight In Steel Clips

PLC Feeder not included.

100% Effeciency Capacity: 150 Bales/Hr.
100HP Electric Motor.
7" Dia Cylinder 1.
10" Dia Cylinder 2.
10" Dia Cylinder 3.
34" x 24" x 64" Press Box Dimensions.
10'4" H x 15'1" W x 18'5" L Approx Overall Dimensions.
40,000 lbs. Approximate Overall Weight

TGS Balers are suitable for baling steel clips, skeletons, copper and aluminum wire, sheets and shapes and soft alloys of stainless steel according to factory literature.