Model MMPB100 New Car Engines Crusher

Model MMPB100 New Car Engines Crusher

5 Tons per Hour of Engine Scrap
78" x 37" Feed Opening

Per Manufacturer's Literature:
"The GPS Engine Crusher" represents the best expression of power, productivity, and efficiency.
It's a stand alone unit with integrated on-board power unit, crushing chamber, operator platform, and material eject slide.

39" x 37" Crushing Area
117 Ton Crushing Force
Crushing Prongs: 3 on Fixed Side - 2 on Mobile Side
33" Discharge Height
Electric or Diesel Motor:
30 kW Electric Motor
50 HP Diesel Engine
Cycle Time: 35 Sec

Separation System and Sorting Station:
Option 1: 35" W x 9.5' L x 39"H Steel Belt Conveyor is positioned under the material exit shoot.
Option 2: 35" W x 98" L x 27" H Stainless Steel Vibrating Table allows for easy manual sorting of materials while the vibrating action is conveying the material under the magnetic belt.
Option 3: Permanent Magnetic Belt Separator for the automatic extraction of ferromagnetic intrusions form the crushed material: Magnet 45" x 29" x 9"
Option 4: Steel Conveyor with Stainless Steel Terminal with 3 Layers of anti-oil rubber mat and vulcanized vertical strips 35" x 20', Strips: 31" L x 2" H x 0.80" Thick.
Option 5: Permanent Magnetic Pulley suitable for the automatic separation of ferromagnetic intrusions from the process materials as a head roller of a conveyor belt.

Price is for Engine Crusher Only. Please request a quote for Separation System and Sorting Station Separately.

Manufacturing Time 60-90 Days
12 Months Warranty or 2000 working hours

Listing Quality: 
3 out of 3
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